by Stryngs

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I was chaining beers when I noticed
Eremos, incognito, advancing with his retreat close to hand:
two eyes peeping -
his sad and quiets;
his brown and darks -
watching the dance of the worm in the tequila.
And I looked too long on that brief smile,
arcing like a moment's notice.
He took it away before I could, and
before he could shake my hand.
His steps withdrew and left me
watching the dance of the worm in the tequila.

Next, I saw his scurry from cramped to fitting places.
I saw the low and crouching run
And knew a little of the eyes, claws and teeth he scuttled from.
So I caught him then and held him there
Eremos braved me as silent as a wish.
And I slipped my fingers along the crease of his vulnerability;
and knew the Achilles feel of that shy now undefended mind of his.
He flinched away and he left me watching the dance of the worm in the tequila.

Now he comes to me like a newly bitten nail, and says,
"I stand shell-less to the world."
I find in that tight, pincer-grip, photo' fragments:
the leaving edge of him; the ghost in the corner, gone before your eyes can adjust;
the whole of him rare as Kraken.

He told me, "I collect the hermit crabs,"
and, looking in his sad and quiets; I believe him:
nervous and quick; crouched-up-crammed-in-doubled-over and
holding on inside his stolen shell.
Secrecy and privacy; the safety of containment.

Too close, and a single, stony claw might
cover his face and his refuge:
the man who cares for hermit crabs, Eremos.
He leaves me now but I stay here
watching the dance of the worm in the tequila.


released May 1, 2006



all rights reserved


Stryngs Hampshire, UK

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